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ID# 006117

Stay ahead with Agile and Scrum in Jakarta, Indonesia
21 April 2017 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Jakarta, Indonesia
1-832-204-4311 (Main Phone)
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Price Details: Standard price: USD499 Early bird price: USD349 Early bird date: 30th Mar 2017
Suitable for Children
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The one day Agile & Scrum Training will introduce you to fundamental principle of Agile & Scrum Practices. If you organization is exploring ways to improve your software development process, the session might introduce you to some concepts that can help serve your current needs. Agile & Scrum Training well versed and experiences Agile Coaches. The delegates will come to know Agile Methodologies and Scrum Practices along with theory, delegates will participant in many hands on activities that will help them to practice the theoretical concepts that they have learnt in the classroom training.

This workshop will give better prospective on Agile & Scrum Principles and most common myths that surround it.

With this training the attendees will be prepared in principles and values of Agile and will explore in details. The practices of Scrum Framework apart from this, the trainer will be sharing his years of experience in the form of hands on activities and at the end of this session you might be able to compare your current process and see how you might want to adapt that to be more Agile.
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