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ID# 004607

Kings Mountain Marathon - Half Marathon, 2017
29 April 2017 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Kings Mountain State Park
Lake Crawford Rd
Clover, SC SC
United States
(571) 318-6907 (Main Phone)
Pricing/Ticket Info
$35 - $70
Suitable for Children
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A Historic Challenge for 400 Brave Adventurers

It was a little army and a little battle, but it was of mighty portent.

In 1780, atop Kings Mountain the Patriot Militia toppled the Royal Loyalists in the Revolutionary War. When the smoke cleared on the mountain’s steep western ridge, the Patriot Militia stood victorious.

President Teddy Roosevelt once called this small but strategic victory the “turning point of the American Revolution.”

And to this day, the battle’s spirit lives on in the inhabitants of York County, South Carolina. Folks here carry a certain dignity because of their home’s unique place in history. And why shouldn't they?

It’s beautiful and rugged land they live on.

Which is why it won’t surprise you to hear that exactly 230 years after the famous triumph, a small band of runners came directly to Kings Mountain for their own “battle.”

Only this time the enemy wasn't a red-coated army. It was the terrain itself. Specifically, 26.2 miles of it.

They called the challenge Kings Mountain Marathon.
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