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Single Listing Pricing Plans
Featured Event (FREE)
Includes premium positioning, up to 10 photos, web site link, video clip and printable vouchers or tickets.  It's the best choice if you intend to make the most of the features here.
NOTE: Posting anything other than Events will result in your account being deleted.
Standard Event Listing (FREE)
This is the most basic Event listing.  You won't get to add any video or any pictures, and you won't get the kind of exposure that you would from a Featured Event listing.  You won't be added to our Events Carousel on our homepage.
It you want to advertise an Event that's on tomorrow, then use this Standard listing.  It will take you five minutes.  But if you are SERIOUS about getting coverage for your Event, please consider making it a Featured listing.
NOTE: Posting anything other than Events will result in your account being deleted. 
Venue Pricing Plans
Featured Venue (FREE)
The whole shooting match.  PLEASE MAKE SURE you are actually listing a Venue - anything else listed here will be deleted, including Events.
Standard Venue Listing (FREE)
This option includes your venue information, photos, your website, video, tickets / vouchers.  It does not include you in our Featured Venue slideshow.  PLEASE MAKE SURE you are listing a VENUE as anything that is not will simply be deleted.
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