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And so it begins!

After a summer of missing loads of events I'd spent most of the year looking forward to, I came up with the idea of www.YourEventFREE.com - I wanted to create a one-stop central base where anyone and everyone can advertise their events, of any description.  And members of the public, like me, can look through these events and plan where to go and what to do.  All this in a website that's clear and easy to use, informative - and completely free.
Then followed weeks of mucking about with templates, programs, brushing up on my programming skills, and speaking with those in the know.  Eventually, I ended up with the site you're using now. 
What do you think of it so far?  Yes there will be some new categories (tell me what you'd like to see!) and some pages will be reworded, for the sake of clarity and SEO purposes.  But I don't think this is too bad!  Do you?
By the way, I've been told that the launch date - Friday the thirteenth - is going to bring me bad luck!  Sorry to disappoint, but I'll make my own luck.  Good luck is, after all, the crossroads where 'being ready and prepared' meets 'the right opportunity'.....
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